(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Web site?
   This is what you see right now. Web site is just a piece of information in the Internet, or some pieces of information on several web pages (HTML-files), which make a Web site. It may be a presentation of an event, a person, a company or even a whole country. Due to the Internet a web site may be accessed from anywhere in the world where there is a computer and a line, connecting computer to the Internet Service Provider.

Why a Web site is needed?
   There are several reasons for having a web site of your own.
1. You need Web site for advertising
your products or services as the Internet today is the most effective and cheap tool for this. The visitors of your web site will get all the information you want them to get about your company and yourself. The amount of this information cannot be compared with one you can place in the newspaper. Even occasional visitor of your site can find out that your company really exists and that you provide certain services or sell certain goods. So there is a possibility that he will be your new customer.
2. Web site is a unique tool for making contacts and searching for new partners anywhere in the world. And making such contacts through the Internet is much cheaper than by phone or fax or through local press and media.  
3. Web site is a very convenient tool to make your customers, dealers and partners known about all the changes in your company, like prices, sales, new goods and services and so on. This information may reach all the people you need to inform much faster than through traditional means of communication. 
4. Internet shops and e-commerce are going to be the very important feature of life in the beginning of the new century. Many Internet oriented companies increased the number of their customers in hundreds of times using web-sites. According to the recent surveys there were 90 million adults Internet users in the U.S by the beginning of the year 2000. More than 13 million Americans will make an on-line purchase this year and nearly triple that number will buy on the Net by 2004, according to another research.
And what is more, to have a web site now is a matter of prestige. It is like a visit card of each company, which is going to get some real place on the market and in the real life. So, think about your web-site today - it may be late tomorrow. 
What is the reason to order a Web site from someone else? Why don't I create a Web site myself?
   If you or your employees have time and opportunity you can learn HTML (main programming language for creation of web pages) yourself. It's rather simple. You can also learn other languages for programming and study software manuals. And you can find almost all necessary materials for Web site construction in the Internet. But browsing the hundreds and maybe thousands of web pages in the Internet you probably have noticed that some of them are very similar and others are very different. Probably you have noticed that many web sites are not working, or shows errors in some way or another. That means that professional web sites are made by professionals. Only professional web developers, web designers and web programmers can make a web site not only working properly, but looking the way attractive to other people surfing the Internet. You won't buy a picture from a person who just learned how to mix colors, but you will be interested in the masterpiece of art, created by the real artist, who had a special education and many years of experience. The same professional experience is needed for a creation of a web site. Besides, the real web sites are usually created not by one web master with the help of his home computer (and certainly, a lot of web sites are made this way), but by the group of professional, specializing in certain fields of web development.

Where my site will be placed?
   Our choice is Prismnet. This Internet Service Provider has a modern equipment and all the necessary tools for a good connection of your web site with the Internet. Prismnet has business to business orientation and has many corporate customers, so you may become one of them. We can place your web site on our server at Prismnet or on any other server you want. But placing it at Prismnet allows us to maintain your web site and make any changes very quickly.

What will be the name of my Web site?
   If you don't have an Internet name we can create the one for you. The most simple way to do it is to place your web site inside the web site of our company. Than your web site address will look this way: http://www.iresourcesinc.com/user/your_name, or http://www.iresourcesinc.com/your_name.
   Other way is to buy your own name with the extension .com or ,net or .org. We can help you do this (keep in mind that many names are taken already!). Then your web site address will look like this: http://www.your_name.com (net, org)    

How other people will find my site on the Internet?
   It's not easy to make your web site "visible" on the Internet - there are millions of them and each company wants to have its web site as the most visited. But there are many ways of web site promotion. Some of them are very expensive, some are free of charge. We can help you with that. We can register your web site on the most popular search engines and we can help you to promote your web site through the other web sites through banner advertisement.
What are the advantages of ordering a Web site from our company?
   To tell the truth, there are a lot of companies and individuals who can make the same job as ourselves. We have special education, professional skills and abilities to create a web site you really need. We have good experience in this kind of job and we will be happy to have you as our customer. And what is more - compare the prices. Some web developing companies charge hundreds of dollars for just some fancy details. We will try to make good layout and design for your content and we will make your web site noticed and frequently visited. We are professionals and we can do it.

P.S. Take a look, what happens with boss and his computer, if the web site of the company is made in a wrong way :-))) Click the button below.

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