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Our main project we've completed thus far was an Internet Web site SocialDining. This project included:

  • database of customers, created on-line by submitting profiles with various attributes with the possibility of updating profiles;
  • password protected membership area and system of tracing of the login name of a user;
  • interactive system of scheduling of the appointments between the customers through "Opened" and "Closed" "Virtual Dining Tables";
  • interactive area of customers ads;
  • chat room;
  • access to customers profiles (with photos), generated from the database;
  • membership history

All the elements of this project may be examined by going to the guest area of the Web site.

Work for MS Ventures on their Lace Wraps site involved a complete overhaul. Pages were redesigned to speed loading and reliability while the text was edited for content and correctness. Additional pages were added for ordering and online processing of credit card transactions.

Automated Stock Trading System

Another project was for Meridian Equity Partners, L.P., a Hedge Fund, that involved the design and development of an automated stock trading system. This system linked Datek Securities order entry page with a live stock "quoting" data feed with Omega stock analysis software. The system could buy and sell stocks automatically based on market conditions.

Sales Tracking System
for an Advertising Agency

Another project was for Televentures Ad Agency. This project was an accounting system that tracked sales generated daily from multiple advertisements. This way advertisements could be accessed on a quantitative daily basis on their success.











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