Information Presentation

























Implementation Services:

  •  Providing consultants where demanding developmental, database & networking analysis, and design skill are required
  •  Analysis of computer needs & recommendation of hardware & software solutions
  •  System Integration: capture necessary requirements and translate them into software specifications and into design documents

Support Services:

  •  Providing I.T. professionals for PC support, network administration and data center operations
  •  Systems evaluation and monitoring
  •  Technical support

Software services:

  •  New application development
  •  Systems software support
  •  Data entry, structural analysis and maintenance
  •  Custom programming for databases, spreadsheets, word processors & other software

Internet/Intranet project services:

  •  Client/Server development
  •  Internet/intranet development and consulting
  •  Web site development and web design
  •  Web site promotion through Search engines and other web sites

Information Presentation Services:

  •  Custom slideshow on computer or via Internet
  •  Desktop Publishing
  •  Graphics design
  •  Business flow charts and data models
  •  Process, system and analytical diagrams
  •  Photos, pictures and documents in digital format

Educational services:

  •  On-line training
  •  On-line testing and evaluation
  •  Career planning
  •  Instructional design services


    We can provide consulting on an hourly basis or we can give you a set price for you project.
    Our current bill rate is $50 per hour.

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